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New BOSU Bootcamp starting Tuesday, Feb 9  9:30 am with Elyse  

Experience Elyse as her other identity – “Boss”  She will work your body from top to bottom. This class is a muscle based cardio class. An intense, high energy class designed around the bosu balance trainer.  Class will include a mix of traditional step exercises, while eliminating injury and impact on the knees that comes along with traditional step class. Interval training, weight training, plyometric work and cardio on the BOSU.  You will challenge your balance, core stability and overall body control. Come ready to hustle!! All levels welcome


New equipment has arrived for Pilates and Barre classes please reserve your bar ONLINE under “Member Services” or in the club at front desk

Barre2Bar and Rama Reform Pilates Plus have now started:

It is recommended to reserve your bar online under member services tab online or at the front desk for the new classes.  Please note there will be modifications if you are not able to reserve your bar

Rama Reform Pilates Plus will engage more muscle groups including the small supporting muscles to strengthen your core and help tighten and pull in our small supporting muscles


30 Day Nutritional Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

This New Year we will be offering a 30 Day Nutritional Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

There is no better time to regroup on portion control.  As the actual amount of food we consume seems to slip away from us time to time, we will be learning or relearning together in a group challenge.  You will receive tools on how to prepare your “kitchen” from what you buy and stock, what to cook, how to snack to lose 10-15lbs in 30 days.  30 Days of portion control and cleaning eating…30 days is all it takes…why not now??

Materials and portion control containers need to be ordered ASAP, if your are ready to commit for our 30 Day Challenge please sign up and order supplies at the front desk. You can also call or email to sign up and place your order.



We are happy to announce Cheryl MacFarland is back in the house!!  Wednesdays 8:30am BODYPUMP and for the first time on our schedule we will be offering an early morning BODYPUMP Fridays 6am…start your weekend off right!


***Please note Friday 6am BODYPUMP with Cheryl has been added to the schedule***



We have been working hard to bring you some amazing new morning and evening classes.  Please be on the lookout for these new additions.  They will be posted throughout the club!

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